Feb. 12, 2013 Logan Co Herald: State Treasurer Dan Rutherford Visits Mt. Pulaski Rotary & Guests: <--click for complete article
The Rotary Club of Mt. Pulaski sponsored a public gathering yesterday at noon in Buff’s Restaurant on the Square to hear and ask questions of Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford.  Rutherford brought along one of his I-Cash staff members and an on-line computer to tap in to the state’s I-Cash website data base for any and all who wanted to know if his/her family or relatives had any un-claimed assets.

14 Feb. 2013 LDN: Treasurer Dan Rutherford promotes
I-Cash program in Mount Pulaski


26 Jan. LDN: Mount Pulaski Rotary guest speaker Feb. 11:
Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford