WILL-TV PBS Documentary

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Abe dumping dirt & pebbles out of his boot
after a long ride on the circuit today

Abe inquisitive, as always - this time with a rat trap in the Mt. Pulaski Courthouse

Judge Davis's Room invaded by film set items

Eleanor helping Jim Jackson get into costume

John & Rebecca Drake's grandson peeping into the Mt. Pulaski Courthouse

Four Mt. Pulaski HS students in costume receiving instructions from director Tim for the next scene

two more MTHS students in costume

A Mt. Pulaski Student getting ready to do
an Almanac Trial scene with Abe Lincoln

Bob McCue as bailiff

Abe Lincoln pressing a point with the Farmer's
almanac that the moon was not high in the sky
at the time of the alleged shooting

The badger finally "revealed" as
actor Rod Warfield of Philo, IL.