1854 Cast Iron Tombstone Trial

Re-enactment and Historical Reading

September 8, 2007

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Court Room

Performance #6

Cast & Re-enactment Information

Narrator:  Fred Lipp
Presiding Judge:
  Honorable David Davis [Darrell Knauer]
Defendant: Reuben Miller [Frank Buckles]
Lawyer for the Defendant:  Abraham Lincoln [Tom Martin]
Plaintiff:  Nathaniel Whitaker [Phil Bertoni]
Lawyer for the Plaintiff:  David B. Campbell [_________?_________]
Bailiff: Sheriff John C. Hurt [Fred Lipp]
Preacher:  Uriah Schwalb [Darrel Wernsing ]
Mt. Pulaski House Bartender: Raspus Finfrock [Jerry Maxheimer]
Wife of Defendant:  Mrs. Miller [Mary Ann Radtke]
Wife of Plaintiff: Mrs. Whitaker [Joyce Maxheimer]
Forman: [__________?____________]
Jury:  Selected by the Bailiff at each performance
Musician:  [Joyce Maxheimer]
Understudies & Previous Cast Members:  Jeff Clements, Bill Cavestani, Bill Gossett, Jane Gossett, Allen Schaal, Pastor Kevin Treptow, Jane DeWitt, Rebecca Drake, Geoff Ladd, Chris Milliman, Zach Hart

Photographers:  Allen Schaal, Phil Bertoni
Originator:  Darrell Knauer
Script Writers: Darrell Knauer, Phil Bertoni, Bob McCue
Research Documents: Judge Wm. Stringer:  History of Logan County, 1911;
     photocopies of 1854 & 1855 Tombstone appeal trials from Illinois Supreme  
     Court manuscripts - primary source material from A. Lincoln Memorial Library 
     in Springfield, IL.; manuscript material by James Hickey,  former curator of A.
     Lincoln Collection [Springfield Library];  History of Mt. Pulaski, 1836 - 1976
Producer:  Mt. Pulaski Bi-Centennial 2009 Committee
Courthouse Director & Greeter:  Wally Kautz
Special Thank You:  To all previous and current cast members and understudies,  and others who have volunteered their time, ideas, and assistance in making this re-enactment a success.
Special Thank You:  To Stan Manes and family for loaning two original
     paintings of a 1855 Cast Iron Tombstone trial participant & his wife.

Proceeds:  Mount Pulaski 2009 Bi-Centennial Committee [Planners of Abe Lincoln 200th Birthday
                         Celebration in 2008-2009]