Mount Pulaski Cemetery

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     Seating (60) is limited in this original courtroom


 Presiding Judge: David Davis [Darrell Knauer]
 Defendant:  Reuben Miller [Frank Buckles]
 Lawyer for Defendant:  Abraham Lincoln
[*Joe Woodard]
 Plaintiff:  Nathaniel Whitaker [Darrel Wernsing]
 Lawyer for the Plaintiff:  David Campbell [Phil Bertoni]
 Bailiff:  Sheriff John C. Hurt [Fred Lipp]
 Preacher:  Rev. Uriah Schwalb [Pastor Kevin Treptow]
 Bartender:  Raspus Finfrock [Jerry Maxheimer]
 Wife of Defendant:  Mrs. Miller [Mary Ann Radtke]
 Wife of Plaintiff:  Mrs. Matilda Whitaker [Joyce Maxheimer]
 Forman of the Jury [Jim Jackson]
 Jury -  to be selected from the audience that day

 Music:  [Joyce Maxheimer]
 Narrator:  [Fred Lipp]
*professional actor

Research Documents:
 -Photocopies of 1854 & 1855 Mt. Pulaski & Lincoln, IL.  
    Tombstone appeal trials from Illinois Supreme Court
 -History of Logan County; Stringer, 1911
 -One Hundred Years – Mt. Pulaski, 1836-1936
 -James Hickey; former curator of the A. Lincoln 
     Collection at Springfield Library
 Abraham Lincoln and his law partner, William 
 Herndon,  defended Reuben Miller of Menard County
 in two Cast-Iron Tombstone trials.  The first Cast-Iron
 Tombstone trial was held in the county seat of Mt.
 Pulaski in 1854 with William E. Young of Mt. Pulaski the
 plaintiff.  The second trial was held the following year
 in the new county seat of Lincoln, IL.  In this trial, the
 plaintiff, Colonel Nathaniel Whitaker of Mt. Pulaski - the
 enterprising and proud owner of the Mt. Pulaski House
 Hotel, Justice of the Peace and a veteran of the 1839 
 Black Hawk War, was represented by David Campbell,
 alleging that there was no “fraud, drunkenness or
 worthlessness” in his patent rights transactions.  The
 actual judgment rendered in each trial and its appeal
 will be revealed at the end of the re-enactment.

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Cast-Iron Tombstone Trial

Illinois 8
th Judicial Circuit Court
Mount Pulaski Courthouse - "1854"

Re-enactment & Historical Reading
Mount Pulaski Courthouse
--- 9th Performance ---

Mount Pulaski, IL.

Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009 – 2:00 pm
Reserved Seating:  $5.00 donation

[all proceeds go toward Mt. Pulaski Bi-Centennial Committee]

Principal participants:
     Abraham Lincoln - Lawyer for the defendant, Ruben Miller.
     David Davis - Judge of the Illinois 8th Circuit Court, which covered 
approximately 500 miles through 14 counties-
a “Brobdingnagian” of a man, standing over six feet tall and weighing more than three hundred pounds, ... a two-horse buggy was required to haul this “mountain of flesh” over the rugged terrain.
     Nathaniel Whitaker - Plaintiff, owner of the Mount Pulaski House Hotel.  Since more information has been obtained from the 1855 trial, this re-enactment uses Whitaker and his line of reasoning.