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Cast Iron Tombstone Trial  
8th Circuit Court - Mt. Pulaski Courthouse - "1854"

Reenactment & Historical Reading
  Mount Pulaski Courthouse
Mount Pulaski, IL.

 Show times:  Friday, Sept. 8      7:30 pm
                      Saturday, Sept. 9    11:00 am  &  4:00 pm

Lincoln in 1857.  Davis

Principal participants:
        Abraham Lincoln
- Lawyer for the plaintiff
        David Davis - Judge of the 8th Circuit Court, which covered
                                           approximately 450 miles through 14 counties

        Nathaniel Whitaker
- plaintiff & owner of the Mt. Pulaski House Hotel

Thus far, six Cast Iron Tombstones have been located in Logan County.  The 6th one is in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery east of Chestnut.

       This trial is only one of two known trials held in the Mount Pulaski Courthouse during the mid 19th Century [1848 1855].  All paper work of all the other trials and judgments that were written in Mount Pulaskis courthouse were destroyed in the 1857 courthouse fire in Lincoln, Illinois.  All records from the Mount Pulaski Courthouse had been transferred to this new location in December, 1855, when the county seat was voted to be moved from Mount Pulaski to Lincoln, IL.
       In 1855, the town of Lincoln had recently acquired a train connection from Chicago to Springfield and onto St. Louis.  Also, it was more centrally located in Logan County