MPHS Spring Play - "Burger Town"

Fri. April 18 ... 7
Sat. April 19 ... 7
Sun. April 20 ... 4

A delicious new musical comedy set in the Windy City - a story of Danny O'Reilly,
a fry cook, who accidentally invents the hottest new craze in the fast-food industry, the
 Triangle Burger, and takes the humble Burger Town Restaurant from beneath the tracks
 of Fullerton train station to soaring new heights.  In the fun and hooky new musical,
our shy hero encounters bad guys, big business, and burgers.  He struggles to hold onto
 his sanity as he chases his dreams for success, romance, and a fast-food fortune. 

Tickets:  Senior Citizens: $3
                                               Adults: $4
                                           Students: $3
                                      Kids under 5: free

Tickets available at the door of the Mt. Pulaski HS new gym

FUNDRAISER:  Buff's Restaurant
April 6   4 pm

Menu:  burgers, steak, shrimp, fish, and chicken
all proceeds go the the MPHS Drama Club