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Dec 15 Distracted driving laws go into effect Jan. 1
No computer use, no texting - also, no cells in construction & school zones       * GPS use ok *

Dec 15 Facts on a white Christmas in Illinois

Dec 12 Victorian and folk-arts, collectable Santa’s and angels,
 extraordinary finds in Mount Pulaski

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Oct 28 Eating animals is making us sick

  • Jonathan Safran Foer: Inhumane way we raise animals for slaughter poisons us all

  • Foer: Factory farming tied to global warming, swine and bird flu, other illnesses

  • He says animals loaded with antibiotics, live in gruesome conditions

  • System driven by food and pharmacetical industries; Foer asks: Why no outcry?

Aug 15 Skateboarder's death underscores insect allergy risks

A set of weights, a pair of shoes, and wow


How you get rid of old medications can have serious environmental repercussions

Sept 21 Report: Alzheimer's cases to nearly double every 20 years

  • Number of people with Alzheimer's estimated to nearly double every 20 year
  • Report:By 2010, around 35.6 million people globally will be living with dementia
  • Studies show mental stimulation and exercise can help delay onset of dementia

    Apr 20 Drug disposal don'ts

Mar 24, 2009 Want to live longer? Cut back on red meat

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Dec 19 The eagles are landing in Illinois this winter
Dec 18 Stem cell therapies for hearts inching closer to wide use
Dec 18 Christmas at Mount Pulaski High School
Dec 17 Still Picking
Dec 17 Loren Holmes: 'The Logan County Clipper' to retire Christmas Eve

Dec 17 Local burglars finding plenty of targets - City, county officials report recent increase in number of break-ins

Dec 16 President Obama orders feds to purchase Thomson

Dec 14 Pollen gives local botanist clues about changes in climate

Scientists worldwide are mining all types of data about Earth’s past climates — even examining pollen grains preserved in lake-bottom sediments — to gain a better understanding of the climate now and how it’s changing.

Dec 14 Soldiers honored 3 months after returning from deployment

Coming home from a war zone “is like a wave,” Troy Fuchs said of trying to find some normalcy. “You have to let it roll over you.”

Dec 14 Records suggest state lets prisoners go early; Quinn orders review

Repeat drunken drivers, drug users and even people convicted of battery and weapons violations are serving less than three weeks’ total time behind bars under a secret change in policy by Gov. Pat Quinn’s prison system, The Associated Press has learned. Quinn suspended the program Sunday after seeing the AP report.
Dec 8 H1N1 virus attacks deep into the lungs
Dec 8 Lincoln police chief tenders resignation effective March 15
Dec 7 Lee Dowling art exhibit at Lincoln College -- in pictures
Dec 5 Even a slow hunting season keeps meat processors busy

Dec 4 Christian Co. Courthouse gets makeover - Refurbishing stained-glass window took four months
Public donations, a state grant and lots of volunteer hours have helped keep the costs down considerably, Curtin said, estimating that as little as $150,000 has been spent overall. Some funds put aside for capital improvements from when the county sold its methane and coal rights also are being used for work on the courthouse

Nov 28 Clinton farmer tells of late-season harvest frustrations

Damaged Fields - Nov. 27th

Mt. Pulaski Hill in Background - Nov. 27

Nov 27 90-Day Tornado Disaster Milestone Event Dinner
Nov 26 Guzzardo family and community deliver - Thanksgiving dinner for shut-ins, Seniors, and families in need
Nov 25 Guzzardo's gives us all something to be thankful for: the Guzzardo family

Nov 21 Christmas on Vinegar Hill This Weekend
Nov 18 Lincoln Courier:  Vinegar Hill to show its sweet side

Water Water Everywhere - Nov. 18 - 19 2009 [Salt Creek & Mt. Pulaski areas]

Nov 18 Principal's program goes into classrooms to allow teachers planning time
Nov 17 Rains continue; flood watch in effect

Mt. Pulaski American Legion Auxiliary "Home for the Holidays"
Maj. Stan Manes, USA National Guard - Featured Speaker

Lincoln Daily News On-Line:  Mt. Pulaski Honors Major Stan Manes

Nov 16 Mt. Pulaski American Legion Auxiliary "Home for the Holidays"
Maj. Stan Manes, USA National Guard - Featured Speaker

Lincoln Daily News On-Line:  Mt. Pulaski Honors Major Stan Manes

Xmas Holiday Fund-raiser For Local Service Men & Women Currently Serving Our Country
Sat. Nov. 14 - Am. Legion Hall Mt. Pulaski  11 am
S O L D   O U T

Mt. Pulaski Legion to Spread Some Cheer

Nov 10 Cool summer produces bumper crop of lady beetles

The small, ladybug-like insects that seem to be swarming everywhere lately are looking for some nice central Illinois homes where they can spend the winter, an expert says. Click inside for tips on dealing with them.
Inside: Photos (1)
Nov 4 Missing Ariz. teen's family finally knows her fate
Nov 3 2nd Wettest October on Record for Illinois - certain parts had even more
Nov 2 Mount Pulaski graduate earns FFA's highest member degree
Nov 2 Mount Pulaski man drowns after car caught in floodwaters
          Nov 4 Lincoln Daily News On-Line:  Aerial View of Flooding
Oct 31 Mt. Pulaski:  Victim flagged for help from car rooftop from floodwaters 2 mi. south of Mt. Pulaski - rescuers find him floating next to his car - pronounced dead at the hospital

Oct 28 Eating animals is making us sick

  • Jonathan Safran Foer: Inhumane way we raise animals for slaughter poisons us all

  • Foer: Factory farming tied to global warming, swine and bird flu, other illnesses

  • He says animals loaded with antibiotics, live in gruesome conditions

  • System driven by food and pharmacetical industries; Foer asks: Why no outcry?

Oct 28 Caterpillar makes 2,500 layoffs permanent, but won't reveal impact for Decatur workers
Oct 28 Frustrations grow amid slowest harvest in decades

Oct 28 Robin Roberts remembers Phillies vs. Yankees, 1950 - Springfield Lamphier graduate talks about Jayson Werth

Oct 27 1st H1N1 case confirmed in Logan County

Oct 25 Illinois Postcard: Elkhart seems to draw people in -

Margaret Lanterman has lived in Elkhart since 1948. A member of the Elkhart Historical Society, she says the original residents on the hill were the most colorful.“It’s due to the people that lived on the hill,” she says, and adds a footnote. “Years ago,” she says, “a lot of Irish immigrated to this section of the state. My father could sit down and name 65 people who had come from Ireland who were attending the Catholic church here. That’s quite a movement for a small town.”

Oct 24 Dana-Thomas House' creepy tales revealed - Woman says she has seen, heard things that can’t be explained

Oct 23 Fears over H1N1 jamming up local ERs

Many otherwise young, healthy adults — suffering through fevers, coughs and body aches — have jammed the emergency department at St. John’s Hospital this week when they may have been wiser to stay home in bed. Officials attribute the increase to sometimes-unwarranted

Oct 21 Fall-crop-work-could-last-till-Christmas

Oct 12 Lincoln historian to talk about circuit rides

Abraham Lincoln historian Guy Fraker will discuss “Lincoln the Circuit Rider” at 3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 18, in the Visitor Center auditorium at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site.
Oct 12 Death of Steinhour a great loss for tourism
Oct 7 September brings uneven rainfall across state
Oct 5 Driver License Fees to Triple
Oct 5 U of I president resigns; former leader named as replacement

Oct 5 Church’s meal brings community together - As many as 700 people come out for monthly dinner in Lincoln

Sept 30 Mount Pulaski and Emden weigh in on community needs Nearly a dozen community leaders and citizens from Mount Pulaski and Emden attended a meeting in Mount Pulaski last evening. Their goal: to contribute ideas on what would better their communities in the future. These projects and concepts would go into the new Logan County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Sept 30 Mount Pulaski welcomes co-founder's descendant - Jabez Capps' great-great-grandson comes to town

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Sept 26 Erich Maxheimer Senior-of-the-Month at Mount Pulaski HS
Sept 24 Decatur man charged with plot to bomb Springfield courthouse - FBI undercover foils the plot  

Sept 24 U. of Illinois president resigns after controversy - Some politically connected applicants accepted over more qualified ones

Sept 24 U of I president resigns after scandal  
  • Seasonal flu, H1N1 and common cold will all be around this flu season
  • Without testing, a person can't tell seasonal flu from H1N1 flu
  • The symptoms of both are more severe than cold symptoms and include fever
  • Expert: If you are having respiratory problems or are dehydrated, see your doctor

Sept 21 Captain Bogardus Trap Shoot results

Sept 21 Report: Alzheimer's cases to nearly double every 20 years

  • Number of people with Alzheimer's estimated to nearly double every 20 year
  • Report:By 2010, around 35.6 million people globally will be living with dementia
  • Studies show mental stimulation and exercise can help delay onset of dementia

Sept 20 Mount Pulaski, A-C Central make presence felt in tough volleyball tourney

MOUNT PULASKI — While tackling challenges, the Mount Pulaski and Ashland A-C Central high school volleyball teams are adding notches in the win column. 

Sept 18 Question of the day, Sept. 18: Regulating the death industry

Sept 18 Dave Bakke: After 55 years, Memorial nurse knows how to read a surgeon

Sept 18 H1N1 shots to be free, but not available to all

Sept 17 Elkhart Hill historical tours on Sept. 26

Sept 16 Spanking detrimental to children, study says

  • Study: Spanking at age 1 predicts aggressive behavior problems at age 2
  • Spanking also linked to lower scores on a mental development test at age 3
  • Experts say parents should explore other methods of disciplining children
  • Spanking reinforces negative memories in the child's mind
Sept 16 Lincoln holds 1st Economic Development Summit

Sept 14 Saints Flight visits Mount Pulaski

Sept 10 President Obama Wants You to Return to School!


#1 Lincoln Daily News Article - 09-08-09
#2 Lincoln Daily News Article - 09-09-09
               Old Mt. Pulaski HorseShow Photos
09-09-09  Decatur-Herald - Mount Pulaski’s bandstand to honor Lincoln during fall festival
Chris Vallillo  - following the parade 

< Click here for more information >

Top of the Hill 5k
On Saturday, Sept 12th 2009 at 8:30 a.m.
This takes place in the former 1848-1854 County Seat of the Illinois 8th Judicial Circuit on which Abraham Lincoln was a traveling lawyer.  Visit the town's Illinois State Historic Courthouse and "walk were Lincoln walked, worked and made lasting friendships."

2009 Mt. Pulaski Fall Festival Parade:    “Down Memory Lane

Chris Vallillo in Concert - Sat., - after the parade - at the Bandstand - Chris's Website
09-10-09 Lincoln Daily News On-Line - Fall festivals in Atlanta and Mount Pulaski this weekend


Sept 9 Middle hitter leads Mount Pulaski in tight match over Cardinals

Sept 5
Maj. Stan Manes Receives Bronze Star

Sept 11 Mt. Pulaski Grad Earns Bronze Star

Sept 5 Abandoned mines can threaten homes, schools, roads - "Subsidence"  

$13 million-plus


Sept 1 Tornado spurs phenomenal volunteer response

Aug 31 Logan County tornado disaster recovery and relief update


Aug 26 Teen offenders find a future in Missouri

  • The Missouri model uses small, therapeutic groups to treat juvenile offenders
  • Juvenile residences don't have barbed wire or require uniforms
  • A handful of other states are trying to replicate the Missouri model
  • Studies show only ten percent of Missouri's youth re-offend

Aug 25 Freaky news about your brain may change your mind

  • If the sun's not out, people tend to walk in circles in a forest, desert
  • If you're tone deaf, a key brain pathway may be very small
  • The language you speak may help determine whether you have perfect pitch
  • People's nostrils seem to compete for smell
Aug 22 Lincoln College kicks off new year with special student events

Aug 25 A mobile sign in front of a home owned by union official Dale Ridgeway reminds motorists of the current local prison crisis. AFSCME employees will be at the Lincoln Art & Balloon Festival to continue gathering signatures on a petition and to ask citizens to become involved in the issue.

Aug 25 Logan County in 1 of 2 regions identified as most at risk for water shortages and conflicts
              Regional water supply committee delivers results of new 3-year study

Aug 24 Logan County in one of two regions identified most at risk for water shortages and conflicts - Regional water supply committee delivers results of new 3-year study

Part 1: Where are the water supplies and how much is being consumed today?

Aug 24 Report: Politics kept pollution cases from Illinois AG

Aug 24 Steamy TV behind increase in STD rates

Steamy love scenes in the media, out-of-control libidos and a lack of frank talk in the classroom may be contributing to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases in Illinois, health experts say.


Aug 22 When do Tornadoes Usually Hit?  Frequency of Tornadoes in Sangamon County during last few years
Aug 22 Important information from Logan County Treasurer

Aug 21 Witching ways: Tracy Logsdon got the shock of his life when he found he could use dowsing rods

TORNADO:  Williamsville - Elkhart - Mt. Pulaski - 19 August, 2009
<click here for the stories & Photos>

Aug 19 USAF Airman Adam Volle presents combat flag to Mount Pulaski American Legion

Aug 18  USAF Airman Adam Volle Presents Mt. Pulaski American Legion with his B-1 Bomber Flag and Squadron Citation

Aug 18 Local craftsman Peter Niehaus places memorial bricks around Mount Pulaski’s new bandstand

Aug 15 Skateboarder's death underscores insect allergy risks

  • At least 40 people in the U.S. die each year as the result of insect stings
  • Insect allergies may be harder to control than food allergies
  • If you are allergic to insects, carry antihistamine and an epinephrine auto-injector
  • In rare cases, even mosquito bites can lead to anaphylaxis

May 13 Hynes demands funeral directors cough up $10 million


May 12 Group apparently ends bid to open strip club in Illiopolis

May 12 Jo Hilliard of Mount Pulaski holds a copy of her first book, "Garden of Innocents." The book is Christian fiction, and Hilliard will be at Prairie Years Gifts and Books at 121 N. Kickapoo on Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. for a book-signing.
May 11 Oasis celebrates 25 years -- in pictures

May 11 Sysco in market for local farm products


May 11 Oasis celebrates 25 years -- in pictures

May 9 Lincoln native to command shuttle flight

May 9 Fischer, Korean War ace fighter pilot, dies at 83

May 9 Elkhart-to-Mount Pulaski road project receives IDOT funds

May 7  Elkhart Grain Elevator requests Enterprise Zone - more wind turbines on the Logan Co. Horizon
May 5 Heritage In Flight hosts the 3rd annual Airport Daze
May 5 6th-wettest April on record

May 5 Several historic sites to be open 7 days a week
          expanded schedules will accommodate more visitors during the tourist season

May 2 Street repairs, good drinking water and drainage top 'want' lists in northern Logan County

Apr 30 Prisons may get more guards

Apr 30 Sheriff halts jail visits because of flu concerns


Apr 29 Illinois Community College Board increasing effort to reach high school dropouts

Apr 28 Logan County officials prepare for swine flu

Apr 28 Local agencies ready to confront flu
Apr 21 Midwest corn farmers battling wet field blues

Apr 20 Farmers wait for dry spell NWS predicts first taste of summer by weekend


Apr 18 Wet fields keep farmers waiting

Apr 18 Logan County Volunteers honored at annual dinner


Apr 16 Logan County joins CEDS after six years of work - Logan County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy - “If you don’t get involved, you won’t have access to federal funding.”  After hearing the message, Martin, Glaze and others who have joined their efforts have been traveling to Peoria in an attempt to become part of that region’s particular CEDS group. Just recently, Peoria’s CEDS officially welcomed Logan County.

Lincoln: Brainstorming for CEDS

New fire station, street repairs and upgrades identified as top priorities

Apr 16 Pres. Obama honors Lincoln native

Apr 15 Museum gets rare newspaper

Apr 15 Logan County Health Dept. gets surprise $50,000

Apr 15 Mount Pulaski soldier earns award

Apr 15 Rotarians from India visit area Lincoln sites

Apr 14 Indian Rotary group study exchange team visits Mount Pulaski

Apr 14 Task force to address dropout problem

Apr 10 Insider knowledge helpful in hocking jewelry for cash

Scarface Al hung out here

Apr 5 Smart people may be less stressed

Apr 3 Races in Logan Co. villages, townships are far, few between

Apr 3 Road bill includes local Logan County work - The plan includes billions in federal stimulus funds, another $3 billion in bonds to be retired with state revenues and even a few hundred thousand dollars to reopen shuttered state historic sites

Blagojevich indictment is all about cash, lots of cash


Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Courtyard Band Stand - Brick Paver Order Form
DEADLINE:  Fri., April 10, 2009

Mar 30 Lake Fork auction: A community pulls together

Mar 30 Lincoln soldier binds crew and community - Knights of Columbus treasure crew's gift from Afghanistan

Mar 30 Corruption imposes hidden 'tax' on Illinoisans - As taxpayers look down the barrel of a major income tax increase, another tax already is draining their wallets. But this one isn’t found anywhere in the tax code. It’s the “corruption tax” — the extra money Illinois residents pay because of dishonest public officials

Mar 30 Mine subsidence damages Benld school - Macoupin County city of Benld, about 50 miles northeast of St. Louis

Mar 30 Lincoln office stays on top of the weather-LINCOLN — At the National Weather Service office in Lincoln, the weather is available on computers, projected onto a movie screen, coming into the office from a balloon in the upper atmosphere and by telephone. With spring thunderstorm and tornado season in full swing in central Illinois, this is an active time of year.

Mar 30 Chauntea Mason of Lake Fork will perform in “Spotlight on Ice 2009,”

Mar 25 Mount Pulaski girls take State volleyball Championship


Mar 25 Camp Butler to collect $487K in stimulus funds

Mar 25 Lincoln Circuit cyclists will again stop in Lincoln & Mt. Pulaski

Mar 25 Logan Co. jury declares Mt. Zion woman’s death on slick Rt. 121 accidental (near Mt. Pulaski Rte. 54 overhead)

Mar 25 Civil War statue will rise again


Feb 28 Model career

When a stranger approaches a 17-year-old female and tells her she should be a model, the statement may have the potential to make the young lady uncomfortable. For Hartsburg native Natalie Jeckel McGee, it was just what she needed to hear.


Feb13 Obama delivers speech

Feb13 Obama returns to Springfield

Feb 13

Obama honors Lincoln's vision of strong union

Feb 13 Obama says Illinois 'ready to move forward' after Blagojevich

Feb 11 It’s about Abe’s 200th - Mt. Pulaski Grade School and Zion Elementary participate in Abe Appreciation Day

Feb 12 Mount Pulaski students get lessons on their city's rich heritage

Feb 12 Abraham Lincoln's original manuscripts are subject of new Library of Congress publication

Feb 12 Abraham Lincoln and Logan County

Feb 11 Secret Service says Obama trip will be short

Feb 6 Bicentennial Abraham Lincoln in Mt. Pulaski Sign Dedication

SJ-R Feb. 7  Looking for Lincoln Finds Historic Mt. Pulaski Courthouse

www.LincolnDailyNews.com     Mt. Pulaski Dedicates Lawyer Lincoln Sign - Trial Re-enactment Set for Sunday, 2 pm


Feb 3 Putting a stamp of approval on Lincoln U.S. Postal Service 1st-day-of-issue ceremony for Lincoln Bicentennial postage stamps Feb. 9 at Old State Capitol

Feb 2 Bald eagles are back in big way

With more than 100 pairs nesting in Illinois now, the American bald eagle is ready to migrate off the state’s list of threatened and endangered species.


Feb 2 Feb 2 Obama will return to Springfield for Lincoln bicentennial celebration - Feb 12

Jan 31
Gov. Quinn works to show he's the anti-Blagojevich

Jan 30 New ALM Hospital wins approval
Jan 30 Commemorative painting unveiled at Lincoln College

Jan 30 College unveils Lincoln painting


Wanda Lee Rohlfs of Main Street Lincoln looks on as Ron Keller, Lincoln Heritage Museum director at Lincoln College (left), and Paul Beaver, Lincoln College history professor emeritus, unveil a new painting for Logan County. The painting depicts the rally on Oct. 16, 1858, when Abraham Lincoln stood on the steps of the Logan County Courthouse before a large crowd of 5,000. Lincoln was in a hotly contested run for the Illinois U.S. Senate seat against Steven A. Douglas. Lincoln won Logan County, lost Sangamon County and lost that race, but then became the next U.S. president.


Britt: Blagojevich editorial cartoons

Jan 29 Lieutenant governor replaces Blagojevich

It wasn't long after the Illinois state Senate voted unanimously to remove Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office that Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn put his hand on a Bible and took the oath of office to replace him. "I want to say to the people of Illinois: 'The ordeal is over,'" said Quinn, a 60-year-old tax attorney
Jan 29 Illinois ousts Blagojevich   Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn took the oath of office as governor moments after the
                                                      Senate voted to remove his predecessor from office
Jan 28 2-vehicle crash with fatality in Logan County

Jan 27 Mt. Pulaski slates A. Lincoln events

Jan 26 City of Mt. Pulaski piled snow at corner of Cooke & Lafayette Streets - kids took to it quickly.

Jan 26 Impeachment trial hears from first witness

The prosecution in Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment trial has called its first witness: former assistant U.S. attorney John Scully. Scully said he would be testifying about the process that’s used when investigators want to get permission to collect wiretapped conversations.
Jan 25 Impeachment - the improv of legal wrangling - Impeachment trials often have improvised legal feel
         ... Rules of impeachment have rubbery origins
Jan 25 As the stakes sharpen, Blago bares his fangs

Jan 24 ‘Lincoln in Lincoln’ to be unveiled


Jan 15 Trying time at Capitol

Jan 15 Colder than cold?

Central Illinois remained largely frozen today. All area schools were closed due to the extreme cold, and area hospitals are prepared to treat health issues resulting from the dangerous weather conditions.

Jan 15 Mount Zion woman killed in Logan Co. accident


Jan 15 Crash on Mt. Pulaski's Rte. 121 curve kills Mount Zion woman

Jan 14 Arctic blast arrives this afternoon

Jan 14 Information on cold weather driving and survival

Blagojevich sticks to the script at Senate swearing-in

LaHood confirmation hearing postponed


Jan 14 Smithsonian Exhibit Features Key Documents from Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Jan 13 Young Lincolnite 'powers up' a new business

Jan 10 2nd-wettest year on record for Illinois

Jan 9 Governor impeached by overwhelming margin; Senate's work begins next week

In a historic political move, the Illinois House voted 114-1 Friday to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a month after his arrest on federal corruption allegations. The vote sets up an impeachment trial in the state Senate, which is expected to begin next week. Some lawmakers predict Blagojevich will be ousted from office by early February.   Other impeachment-related content:  Senate to begin laying groundwork for trial 
Lawmakers react to Blagojevich's impeachment
Impeachment by the numbers
Defiant Blagojevich says impeachment not surprising, won't stop him from serving
Britt cartoon
Doug Finke: Nice try, guv, but we're not buying it
Editorial: Blagojevich had it coming
Editorial: Step one complete; now it’s Senate’s turn with governor
About four hours after the Illinois House overwhelmingly voted to impeach him, Gov. Rod Blagojevich responded to the unprecedented move Friday afternoon by casting himself as a crusader for the people of Illinois whose attempts to improve the lives of his constituents have been repeatedly foiled by the Illinois House.

Jan 9 Former adviser calls Blagojevich incapable

Jan 8 Memorable former teacher turns 100 years old

Jan 8 Mount Pulaski to get new bandstand

AN 7 Army sorry for 'John Doe' letters to relatives of war dead

JAN 7 Trial re-enactment slated for Feb. 8


Jan 6 Mount Pulaski to dedicate exhibit


Jan 6 Jan 5 Awards season prep: Learn how to tie a bow tie. Bow tie photos


Jan 5 Ill. Lt. Gov. Quinn says state has become 'international laughing stock' because of governor

Jan 2 A soldier falls

Paul Beaver gets icing for his cake

Dec 30