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Published 1st & 3rd Weeks of the Month
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217 - 792-5557
Address: Times C/O Michael Lakin
                                             P.O. Box 114      Mt. Pulaski, IL  62548

Mike Lakin, Publisher & Editor-in-chief

Short Articles due 3 pm Monday of week of publication - long articles & ads due Friday of preceding week


         2012 Deadlines & Publication Dates

Deadline Friday Feb. 3 for week of Feb 9 issue Deadline Friday Aug 3 for week of Aug 9 issue
Deadline Friday Feb 17 for week of Feb 23 issue Deadline Friday Aug 17 for week of Aug 23 issue
Deadline Friday Mar 2 for week of Mar 8 issue Deadline Friday Aug 31 for week of Sept 6 issue
Deadline Friday Mar 16 for week of Mar 22 issue Deadline Friday Sept 14 for week of Sept 20 issue
Deadline Friday Mar 30 for week of Apr 5 issue Deadline Friday Sept 28 for week of Oct 4 issue
Deadline Friday Apr 13 for week of Apr 19 issue Deadline Friday Oct 12 for week of Oct 18 issue
Deadline Friday May 4 for week of May 10 issue Deadline Friday Nov 2 for week of Nov 8 issue
Deadline Friday May 18 for week of May 24 issue Deadline Friday Nov 16 for week of Nov 22 issue
Deadline Friday June 1 for week of June 7 issue Deadline Friday Nov 30 for week of Dec 6 issue
Deadline Friday June 15 for week of June 21 issue Deadline Friday Dec 14 for week of Dec 20 issue
Deadline Friday June 29 for week of July 3 issue        
Deadline Friday July 13 for week of July 19 issue        

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