2017 General Information

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Christmas on Vinegar Hill


Email:  mpcovh@gmail.com


P. O. Box 33

Mt. Pulaski, IL  62548



Christmas on Vinegar Hill is held annually the Saturday before Thanksgiving. 



The 2017 event will be


Saturday, November 18 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.




“Christmas on Vinegar Hill” meetings are

held at Mt. Pulaski Library at 7 p.m.

on the following dates:



September 18 – General Meeting (tentative)


October 23 – Flyers Distributed (tentative)





The 29th Annual

Christmas on Vinegar Hill

Descriptions for each

Location will be  posted on

This web site

By mid-September 2017




History of “Vinegar Hill”

Prior to the repeal of the eighteenth amendment (prohibition) in 1933,  Mt. Pulaski stayed “wet” longer than the surrounding “dry” towns.  Since Mt. Pulaski had thirteen prosperous saloons and a few bootleggers, the railroads brought customers into town from every direction.  They would come with empty flasks and leave with full ones.  Upon nearing town, the conductor would call out “Vinegar Hill next stop”.  Thus, the town earned the nickname, “Vinegar Hill”.

Mt. Pulaski to Decatur Train



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