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THE SHOEMAN PROJECT – Did you know that a single pair of shoes can provide a lifetime of clean water for one person?  Rev. George Hutchings does and he has made it his mission to bring clean water to Kenya, one pair of shoes at a time. Better known as the “Shoeman”, Hutchings is often quoted as saying, “I don’t want your money, I want your soul. Your shoe sole, that is!” To fund his clean water initiative, Hutchings collects used shoes and sells them to a local recycler. He uses the proceeds to purchase drilling rigs and towing vehicles used to provide clean water for Kenyans.
However, the Shoeman Project is about more than just clean water. The project makes affordable shoes available to thousands in South America, as the local recycler ships the shoes to South America’s used shoe market. The project also makes an economic impact in the United States through the sale of unwanted shoes, the purchase of drilling rigs and towing vehicles, and the cost of shipping. Finally, the project provides ongoing training and jobs for Kenyans who continue the drilling process throughout the year. In 2008, Hutchings collected 156,000 pairs of shoes, which at 35 cents per pound, allowed him to purchase and ship two hydraulic drilling rigs. These two rigs have already dug wells that pump clean water for over 120,000 people!
How can you help? Clean out your closets! Spread the word! Any type of gently used shoe is accepted. Tie them together with the shoe strings or put a rubber band around them.
Look for collection bins at both the church and wing entrances.
The St. Louis Heartland Region of Thrivent Financial is excited to partner with the Shoeman Project to help Hutchings reach his goal of more than 300,000 pairs of shoes in 2010.





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Rev. Christopher Decker

Ph:  792 - 5965

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203 South Vine St.
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Jan 25 Mt Pulaski Zion Lutheran Purchases
Elkhart Grade School


Feb 28 Students in stitches with gifts
   Mt. Pulaski Lutheran school children
 make lap quilts

Mt. Pulaski Zion Lutheran Church  USA Military Remembrance Day


photos Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Lawn Ceremony - Aug. 22, 2008



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Fri. Dec. 10th


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Kathy Maske

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Zion Lutheran Elkhart Center
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